Pool Parties

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Pool Party Cost:

Pricing can change based on the number of people, hours, and facility costs. Once Gulf Coast Aquatics receives the online request and approval from HOA/Management company, that youare an eligible approved resident, we will contact you and email the rental agreement. For a standard pool party at a regular facility only needing 2 lifeguards (state minimum) on an operating day (which must be booked before operating hours or after operating pool hours) would be as follows:

2 hours
2 Lifeguards (Covers up to 40 people, counting everyone that walk through the gates of the facility regardless if they are swimming or not) $30.00 per hour per guard. (non-refundable)
$30.00 administrative fee (non-refundable)
$100.00 Security Deposit (Separate payment from lifeguard fee and will be returned if everything is clean and no damage to the facility)
Westover Park HOA residents require an additional administrative fee of $50.00
The total cost out of pocket for a standard pool party would be $150.00 (2hrs x 2guards ($150) +$50.00 Admin Fee = $200.00)
A Separate Check for the deposit ($100)
The payment must be received by our office at least 1 week before the pool reservation.


Pool Parties are reserved through the Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. office (281) 538-7946 at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. The Facilities Use Agreement and Release Form must be filled out, signed and received by the Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. office, 351A Columbia Memorial Parkway Kemah, Texas 77565, at least one (1) week prior to the desired date. The pool may be reserved by members who are in good standing with the Association. The posted Pool Rules must be followed at all times by both members and guests.


The pool may be reserved by members who are in good standing with the Association. State Law mandates that there must be at least two lifeguards on duty. Each lifeguard will cover up to 20 people inside the facility. Persons reserving the pool are responsible for paying all associated costs for the required guards. The reserving party, whose name appears on the Facilities Use Agreement, will be required to be present for the duration of the pool use. One adult must be present for every ten (10) guests under eighteen years of age.
No live bands, music projected through speakers or alcoholic beverages will be permitted unless written approval is received from the Association and forwarded to Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. office.


You must notify our office during operational hours 9-5pm Monday-Sunday, (281) 538-SWIM, 24 hours before your party to cancel or reschedule due to bad/questionable weather. If we do not hear from you, we will have our guards at the facility ready to work the party. In the event you do not show up or decide to cancel during your party you will be responsible for the entire lifeguard fee.


Cancellation requests must be received 48 hours before the party reservation. The request must be made directly to the Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc. office (281) 538-7946.


You are responsible for the clean-up during the party. The lifeguards will assist in the clean-up process. The lifeguards must be the last ones to leave and lock-up the facility. All members and guests must leave the facility by the end of the allotted time. The pool facility must be clean and the lifeguards are the last ones to leave and lock-up the facility. If the lifeguards leave after the allotted time due to the party running over or clean-up issues, the extra time charges will be deducted from the deposit.